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It all started with a song written in 1975
Five and Seven is all about quality, faith, inspirational jewelry from a business you can trust. Hi I’m Angie, the Purple Craft Diva. I’m a craft blogger, creativity coach, the owner of Five and Seven and lover of God. “I’m just a creative, with a business mind who loves God.”

5:7 - a Faith Based Jewelry Company

Five and Seven Jewelry Co is Faith Based Jewelry company based on 2 Corinthians 5:7, “for we Walk by Faith, not by sight.” It’s not just another jewelry brand. It is wearable inspiration. The designs come from love, the construction is coupled with integrity, and our mission is full of purpose.

I hope you feel confident, fearless, gorgeous and full of hope when you wear our jewelry. Five and Seven is the quality jewelry company you’ve been looking for to wear and share the best in inspirational jewelry. Every order is packed with a luxe jewelry bag, making them perfect to give a gifts.

Trusting God is a Faith Walk!

My family’s connection to 2 Corinthians 5:7 started in 1975 when my Mom wrote a beautiful song called “We walk by faith.” She was hosting an expensive concert and ticket sales were low. She prayed for help and God birthed this song in her. The day of the concert people came in by the bus loads and all expenses were met.

Next, 2016 our family’s faith was stretched like never before. My Dad found out he had stage 4 cancer. It was a BIG blow to us. He had just beat 2 other cancers in the years prior to that, so we thought we were in the clear. But my Dad was unshaken in his faith. He would regularly tell me, “Angela, this is a faith walk.” He was inspiring me in his time of despair. My Dad, who was also the Pastor of the church, was raising the faith of the whole church as we watched him go through this trial with grace. I told my Dad, “you are building an army of Faith Walkers!” And that’s where the term started to take off.

We lost my Dad in 2020, but God granted us with 4 years that he should not have been able to live. His faith had purpose, and he fulfilled that purpose until his last breath.

Then in 2021 I was hit by my own major health walk. You see, I have a brain tumor. It’s not terminal, but has many symptoms. After tons of doctors appointments and huge medical bills, I learned my tumor was getting worse. I was devasted. Then after much prayer, I heard God say “just trust me.” No, the tumor is not gone, but I’m walking this journey by faith and I believe God to fully bring me through.

God used my pain for purpose and turned my turmoil into triumph by giving me the vision for this jewelry line. Five and Seven Jewelry Co. is the beautiful result of my faith that was built.

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